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Statesmanship and Mr. Lincoln

(february 9, 2018)

the weekly standard

Review: The Reconstruction Era's Open Wound

(february 2, 2018)

The wall street journal

At #MeToo U, the Faculty Loses Its Ideological Immunity

(january 26, 2018)

the wall street journal

Is the Electoral College Doomed?

(december 15, 2017)

Weekly Standard

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Review: Nervous Neighbors

(november 7, 2017)

the wall street journal


Honor and Compromise, and Getting History Right

(november 6, 2017)

the american interest

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An Innocent At Home

(October 30, 2017)

national review

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A Yankee Visits Charlottesville, Where Gen. Lee Is Under Cover

(SEPTEMBER 29, 2017)

the wall street journal


The Rusher Who Wouldn't Take the Knee

(SEPTEMBER 25, 2017) american greatness


Reconstruction Ended in 1877, but It Isn't Finished

(august 19, 2017) The Wall street journal

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College Is Trade School for the Elite

(august 6, 2017) the wall street journal

How hard is it to drain a swamp?

(july 4, 2017) Richmond times

Behind the Brooklyn Bridge

(june 29, 2017) the wall street journal

Ex Parte Merryman (1861)

(may 16, 2017) constituting america

In defense of the electoral college...

(November 15, 2016) the washington post

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