...is the Senior Research Scholar in the Council of the Humanities at Princeton University

and Director of the James Madison Program’s Initiative in Politics and Statesmanship


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Guelzo is the leading authority on the Civil War, Reconstruction, and Lincoln, and three-time winner of the Lincoln Prize

Provides a new perspective on Reconstruction, showing that it did not take place only in the South but also in the West

Discusses other "reconstructions" that occurred in parallel with the political one: in philosophy, literature, law, and economy

Presents a careful narrative balance between political events at the center of Reconstruction (in Washington, D.C.) and separate streams of political, economic, and social conflict in the Southern states

In collaboration with Smithsonian Museums, The Teaching Company presents Allen C. Guelzo in America's Founding Fathers, a deep dive into the creation of the U.S. Constitution as it actually happened. Using the Founding Fathers as a lens through which to see powerful truths about the early political history of the United States, you'll better understand both the document under which Americans live, and the issues and people who brought it into being. The thirty-six half-hour-long lectures will focus, one-by-one on the roles of individual Founders, some of them well-known (Washington, Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson, Franklin), a few who were obscure (James McHenry, Thomas Mifflin, David Brearley), and the occasional scoundrel (Aaron Burr). Using biography as the tool, you'll meet the Founders one-by-one, lecture-by-lecture.

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Eight weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list

the 2014 Lincoln Prize

The 2014 guggenheim-lehrman prize in military history

the fletcher pratt award of the new york city civil war round table

the richard harwell award of the atlanta civil war round table

"Guelzo is one of our most accomplished Civil War historians, and one of the country’s foremost Lincoln scholars. He is the first two-time winner of the Lincoln Prize—in 2000 for Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President and in 2005 for Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation: The End of Slavery in America, the definitive treatment of that document. In addition, Guelzo’s prose is graceful and erudite—indeed, almost poetic. He is as comfortable with military topics as he is with the political, social, and economic aspects of the war and its aftermath."  

Mackubin Thomas Owens, The Weekly Standard

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